Tumbleeze 1.0

Publish content to Tumblr right from your desktop


  • Publish entries in public, private, or draft form
  • Supports posting to Tumblr in all major formats
  • Attractive interface


  • Installation can be a little tricky
  • No ability to read your dashboard or messages


Tumbleeze is a desktop application for Windows PCs that allows you to publish content to your Tumblr page without the need of a browser.

There are quite a few Tumblr desktop apps available for download now. In terms of appearance, Tumbleeze blows the others out of the water. The interface is transparent and unobtrusive until you opt to choose one of the publishing methods. Tumbleeze's transparent menu bar is attractive and describes each post option in words when you roll your mouse over each displayed bar graphic. Once you actually click your publication method of choice, the application appears in a far more opaque, solid form for you to input your content.

Publishing is a breeze, and the advanced posting options are impressive. Not only can you drop and drag media such as pictures into Tumbleeze, you can also add posts to your queue or even make them private. It's also possible to tag each post, setting Tumbleeze even further apart from other programs in its class. If you own multiple Tumblr blogs, it's also relatively easy to log in and out of your different accounts on the Tumbleeze interface.

The only real negative in terms of publishing options is not having the ability to disable the automatic posts that get sent to Twitter in some users' settings. And, much like other desktop Tumblr apps, Tumbleeze also unfortunately doesn't give you the option of reading your dashboard feed from its interface or responding to your followers's posts or messages.

Overall though, Tumbleeze is at the head of its class when it comes to publishing content to Tumblr in style.



Tumbleeze 1.0

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